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07/17/24 6:59 AM
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  Big Jim's Mobile DJ has been serving the greater South Florida community since 1980 . With DJ experience from night clubs to wedding receptions, Jim is one of the most experienced DJs in the region.

  Jim understands a DJ can make or break the party. A good DJ must have a "feel" for the crowd he is spinning for and without that, he is nothing more than a human jukebox. It is seldom you will have a successful party and the crowd thinks about the DJ. But let the DJ fail to play crowd pleasing music, inspiring dancing and fun, and the people will surely go away with negative opinions of the party AND the DJ!

  Jim's music library is quite comprehensive, as you can easily see by clicking the MUSIC link in the left menu panel. Jim is also flexible enough to be able to play any CDs provided at the Event, insuring your guests have a memorable time.

  Not sure what ceremonies are involved in a wedding reception? Let Jim handle this for you, as his years of experience have taught him well and will become your greatest asset. Emcee duties are always included and done confidently and proudly!

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