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BJ's Music Playlists!
Create, print and save a Music Playlist !

  Here is a great free feature of the Big Jim's Mobile DJ website. Create your own music playlist for use at your party or someone elses!

  During your searches for song titles, if you see any song you wish to add to your playlist, simply check the box next to that song title and after you have checked all the titles you wish on that page, submit the form and they will be saved to your list. Very simple.

  You can then print out your saved music playlist and have something to provide your next DJ or the DJ at someone elses party you may attend.

  By providing your name, email and password, you will be able to access your playlist at any time in the future and have it emailed to you. You can add or remove any song titles you wish, whenever you wish!

  Please keep in mind, if you change your email address and/or forget your password, or for whatever reason can no longer access your previously compiled playlist, your only alternative will be to create a new one. So save your password and email address info in a safe place. You will be allowed to modify this info but you will need to authenticate yourself to the system before being allowed to make changes.

Click Here to begin the process !

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